BIO hemp seed flour - 500 gr

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Produced from Organic Farming

Bio hemp seed flour is all that is left after the pressing of the seed.

This wholemeal flour, ground again to be more fine and workable , is much valuable:


  • fibers
  • mineral salts (Calcium 200mg/100g, Potassium 980mg/100g, Iron 23mg/100g)
  • functional amino acid pool
  • Omega 6 and Omega 3 acids
  • Vitamins (E- natural antioxidant- B1and B2)
  • phytosterols

How to use

Bio hemp seed flour gives an hazel taste and a dark-green colour to mixtures, in which it is added. It can be used for sweet or savoury mixtures in a percentage which varies from 6% till 20% in combination with other flours. It can be used to make bread and sandwiches, salty pies and desserts, biscuits and pasta or to thicken puddings and soups, to flourish or simply as protein integration into extracts or smoothies.


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